Monday, 2 February 2009

Life going on.....

I am home from a day trip to commemorate my friend. Many people came from interstate, and we were joined in our mourning and in our remembrances of our dear friend who brought so much joy, richness and love to all our lives. It was truly significant to all present. Family and friends were able to select music or literature which they felt our friend had made special, and I was one of those so privileged. And two of my photos were used in the commemorative booklet. I hope that his dear family gained some consolation from this loving gathering.

My heart is still too full to describe it all and I am not sure that I want to do so, except to say none of us will ever forget it. Somehow I feel that I should keep this  private, and 'ponder these things in my heart'.

I feel very tired. I was unwell the previous night and day, and am not yet over it completely. Dr P looked after me well, and has been sympathetic, so I have not had to bear it all by myself. On the flight I had the company of another dear friend, and we have urged each other to keep hanging on to that perch...and to see more of each other. What is more precious than those we love? So I make resolutions to be good and loving towards family and friends, and to treasure them all. And not to repine about the unfairness of dear friends dying before their time - it just happens that way, alas, and why should any of us be exempt from grief and woe?

And is it not extraordinary how life does indeed go on? I've laughed at funny blogs, watched the tennis, read various books, and enjoyed them all. I have played a lot of my music CDs,  the ones I find profoundly emotional, and they do express what I have been feeling. Especially Schubert.


Mary said...

I hope you all gained a measure of peace from what sounds like a lovely memorial.

And life does go on - I remember feeling shocked to hear myself laughing very soon after my father died - and then realising that he loved a good laugh himself!

Relatively Retiring said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend.
Life does indeed go one, with laughter. No one could wish it to be otherwise.