Saturday, 21 February 2015

Remembering a significant life

Today is the fourth anniversary of my husband's death. All today I am thinking about him, and our lives, both separate and together. And I miss him. It is a sad day. He was a remarkable person who made significant contributions to society and to politics, being one of the founders of the movement to protect civil liberties. He never lost that passion. An immigrant himself, he believed in assimilation rather that multiculturalism, participation in the political process, and in the democratic system. He was a most intelligent and interesting man. Overall, I am glad we were part of each other's lives.


Frances said...

A sad and reflective day for you, IP.I hope you find consolation.
I agree with all his attitudes, and am immensely grateful for his focus on civil liberties.
He must have been one of the last of that kind: today the attitude seems to be to preserve your career at all costs, or do what venality suggests.
Is it time for women like you to come out from the shadows?

Pam said...

Well, it's good that you're glad. But sad, too.