Thursday, 11 July 2013


Today one of the excellent teachers at the Apple Store gave me a lesson. With regular lessons, careful note taking, lots of practice, my computer skills may stop atrophying and perhaps may even improve.
When I first started blogging, I found it possible to insert photographs but at some stage the programs were changed and I could no longer do it. Hooray, it seems that it is indeed possible, and relatively easy, although certainly not within the scope of my intuitive powers.

These few examples will do for a start.

This is the knitting and crochet group. We have put up an exhibition of our wraps at the main branch of our library. the staff are all very helpful and supportive, and last week we had an opening of the exhibition, which was attended by a goodly number of people, and we all provided food and drinks. The photograph was taken by the photographer of one of the local papers.

Putting up the exhibition took  a lot of planning and organisation, and much thought. I restricted myself to taking photos - and we now have a good record of our meetings and finished products. However I need to get better with the camera as the lighting is not very good at all. Off to the camera shop for some help, I think.

Helpful handy husbands. I wish I'd had one of them. Like they say, I love work. I could watch it for hours. In fact watching these capable women do all the planning, liaising, selection of photographs and arrangements of the wraps was quite enthralling.


                                                       Many hands make light work

These wonderful women included a session teaching children to knit. As I cannot knit, I did not attend that, but now I wish I had. But in the meantime I have finished another wrap, which looks good. 



VioletSky said...

Well done, you and all the ladies of the knitting and crocheting group!

Relatively Retiring said...

I like the photo of the hands and their products.