Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The manifold irritations of life

Cliches thrust themselves at my tired and indignant mind. Having changed ISPs, ostensibly for the better, the faster, and the more reliable, here I sit clicking away, seemingly fruitlessly, and I suppose that when I get home tomorrow from classes, I must yet again face the the tedious and infuriating business of ringing the ISP and saying What the hell-....!

Something is not working properly and I am vexed. Very vexed, in fact. I should be working through the homework for tomorrow's Italian class, but am floundering around, clicking futilely here and there, and AM NOT IN A GOOD MOOD.

Today I had an Apple class. At one stage, I said, Ooh, I made a mistake. Evidently saying you made a mistake shows you are uptight and blame yourself, instead of thinking it through. Yes, I suppose so, but I still think I made a mistake, and so what? Nobody is perfect, and actually I am quite good at mistakes. Witness coming home and trying to make a new appointment for my next lesson, only to be confronted by a recalcitrant computer and sundry error messages, and then trying to work out what the hell it all means. It did not like my password. Neither does my ISP. This all means more time on the telephone trying to work out what the hell is going on and what the hell I should be doing about it all.

After several years of failing to learn more about the computer, due to ageing and ailing husband and associated worries, his death and the subsequent legal issue, I tend to think it would be good for life to go more smoothly and not to be so beset by puzzles and problems. And, if such problems rear their very ugly heads, that I could cope with them intelligently and bravely without wanting to smash it all to smithereens.

I am so tired of trying to be brave and positive.

Instad I will have a quick go at the Italian homework. Very last minute effort, this is. I do tend to try and fly by the seats of my pants.


Elephant's Child said...

Grr. Every so often it would be nice if life moved smoothly and things worked as they should. Particularly those things which are supposed to make our lives simpler - not more frustrating and infuriating.
I make rather a lot of mistakes myself - and am happy to admit to them.

Pam said...

Oh dear, poor you. Technology, eh? Good when it works.

premier paving said...

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