Friday, 8 March 2013


This weekend I am travelling to look after my grandchildren while their mother goes away for work. You would think their father would be only too glad to have them, but it does seem that his desire to be as unpleasant and uncooperative as possible outweighs any parental feeling. While I feel sorry for him in many ways, this attitude of his does a lot to drive out sympathy.

I am glad to help out, and to see the children, but increasingly feel that pounding up and down the highway is a chore. I thought I might take them to the Art Gallery to see the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition, but their mother seems to think they would not like it. I wonder?

Dealing with my grandson's diabetes is also a worry for me, as he has been rather unstable, and thus his insulin has to be adjusted. Let us hope all goes well. I do know how to give the injections, and my grandson is very good and trusting. Perhaps these days I just worry a lot more.

Packing is a tedious business. What will the weather be like? How much stuff do I need? It is easy to overpack - in fact I excel at it. Nice to be good at something! There is my crochet to pack, and I need to take a few books, and a radio, so I can listen to music. My daughter says to bring a pillow, too. And I have a jar of quince jelly to give her. Suddenly, or so it seems, the quince jelly is almost gone. It must be time for quinces to reappear in the markets.

Time to hit the road.


Elephant's Child said...

We are expecting warmth. Not heat (precisely) but certainly warmth. High twenties. early thirties. And sunshine.
I want to get to see the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition myself. Since the skinny one is slowly improving it at least is starting to look possible. Soon.
I haven't seen quinces yet. Soon for them too (I hope).

Lynley said...

I certainly enjoyed the Toulouse-Lautrec, and most children would too I think, except the very smallest. Pictures of people, which kids tend to enjoy.

Pam said...

Hope it goes/went well!