Thursday, 1 November 2012

Week 12. Away away

How life changes suddenly. Here I am at my daughter's, for a week's child-minding. I would have quite liked a week's getting myself together, but needs must.

Fernando seems to have finished. There are probably a few little things to fix, but basically, suddenly,  we have finished. The rubbish has been taken away, the garage tidied, most of the paint spots have been wiped off, the dust is less,  and the paint is left to harden. It is hard to believe that the end is in sight.

There is still much dust to be removed, and much to be put back in place. I cannot find my medical referrals, although a couple of prescriptions have turned up. When I say turned up, I actually mean that countless sorting through things has finally revealed one or two of  the lost items. Much chaos still abounds. Sometimes, alas, I think age and decrepitude are overtaking me.

I am now in Canberra now, set for a week's babysitting. Actually what I really want to do is to rest and sort myself out. I feel quite exhausted. It will have to wait, the rest, that is. Week 12.  I have yet to calculate the total cost, and to think about all the other things on whih I could have spent all this money. However  it all did have to be done.

Today I loaded my car up with lots of books and crochet, so as not to run out of things to amuse myself with, while childminding.

Sydney was hot when I left. Here it is quite chilly.

Although Fernando worked hard, there were things about his modus operandi which drove me mad. He'd seize tea towels and use them to wipe paint off things. The tea towel would be ruined. I had to remonstrate about the fact that these things were  not actually disposable rags. He'd grab my little sharp knives and leave them bespattered with paint or glue.  He soaked things a good mug filled with turpentine. I do not like having to remonstrate about such things. Obviously I am a fusspot! And I am used to being by myself. I n many ways I am lonely, but on the other hand having someone in the house for a whole 12 weeks has been too much: I need my own space.


molly said...

I gather then that you are not missing Fernando too much? I hope you can manage to relax a little even while minding the children. I also am often lonely, here on my own so much of the time, but old age and decrepitude are taking me over too. I do like my own space and having things the way I want them!

Elephant's Child said...

I am more often lonely with people than on my own. Just the same, I do love (and need) time to myself. The things you remonstrated with Fernando about? I would have done precisely the same, and I do not consider myself to be a fusspot.

VioletSky said...

a good workman would prefer to use all his own tools - and would bring his own towels and knives etc.
you are not a fusspot. you are proud homeowner. who needs time to herself. hope the kids are on their best behaviour for you!

Pam said...

I don't think you're a fusspot at all. I'm sure you could have provided him with something suitable for wiping and soaking if he'd asked. That sounds very annoying.