Friday, 20 July 2012

What I did this morning

Although the world in blogland might not be all that interested in the knitting and crochet world, I had such a good time this morning that I now intend to share/inflict the experience on anyone handy.

The little group is meeting weekly in the local library. It feels rather like Graham Base's Animalia, wherein he writes and illustrates, for example, for the letter L:

     Lazy lions lounging in the local library

I first came across this book, Animalia,  in 1998, in Washington DC, where I spent a few days visiting/working at the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. I had a little browse around their bookshop, and there it was. I was enchanted. (You'd think I would have come across this book before going to the USA!) I pored over each letter, and when I came to L, these were the delights I discovered:

There are:

Large majestic lions, dwarfing the books, lolling about, surrounded by lutes, lemons, lamps, ladders, locks, lizards, leprechauns, lilies, literature, law, ladles, lorries, lettuces, lobsters,  with all these books, such as Lassie come home, Limericks by Lear, King Lear, Let's Learn Latin, Lacrosse, The Lone Ranger, Living Legends, Levitation, Little Boy Lost, Lady Chatterley's Lover, John Locke, Dr Livingstone, Longfellow, Love's Labour's Lost ...

Practically everyone, except me, was knitting away. Except that some seem to have been inspired to do a bit of crochet, and are edging their squares with crochet, all the better to join them with.

The pile of wraps has grown hugely. There was a large number of finished wraps, and quite a few more to come. We were all so impressed by our collective achievements that we took over the entrance to the library and arranged all our work tastefully on a table, anchored with various library books on how to knit, sew, crochet, or other means of creation. We did not have a camera as such, but one of us used her phone's camera.

It has become a very jolly group, as we all get to know each other. I have trouble remembering all the names, but no one seems to mind. I spent most of my time teaching a knitter how to crochet, and perhaps, who knows, one of them might teach me to knit. They are all very talented women. It is good to get together to do such work, and to join in human fellowship.

All those lions might be lazy, but we certainly were not.


Frances said...

Persiflage: I thought that you might enjoy this article:

I found many truths and insights in it.

persiflage said...

Thanks, Frances. I am glad to be in contact with you again. That article had lots of real things to say.
There is not all that much one can do about being lonely, no matter how practical and sensible one is, or tries to be.