Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I've been to see the Queen: she says my hands are perfickly clean

Yesterday was a busy day. I had an appointment with the counsellor, who said she thinks I have actually done pretty well, that I am very resilient, understand well what I am going through, that I have been making the right decisions about how to deal with it all, and does not think I need anti-depressants. This was good to hear. I had discussed the matter with my doctor and she agreed with my reasoning, and we will review the matter in another month or so.

I have another appointment with the counsellor on the anniversary of Dr P's death, and I think that will help me get through the day.

Apart from putting myself on automatic pilot, missing my turnoff and thus nearly landing in Parramatta Road, and thus having to chuck a U-ie,  the day went well. I had a lovely lunch with a blogging friend who is in the process of completing her PhD, and borrowed a couple of books from the library (one on Boganomics). 

In the afternoon I went up to the bank, to make sure that all the recent hassles have been resolved and to ensure that everything is in order. The bank assures me that this is so. It all took a long time, actually past bank closing time, but it now seems that the credit card thing has been sorted out, direct debits have been effected, and I now have actual euros. The bank staffer seemed to think I was both organised and efficient, but I think there was some flattery and customer manipulation going on. Not that I minded. As they say in the Classics, "Flattery will get you anywhere."

Just to show that life does not always go according to plan, a  biro leaked all over my diary, my handbag, and my hands, and made a very big mess. I had to make do with tissues until I got home and found the eucalyptus oil.  How did the world cope before the manifold virtues and efficacy of eucalyptus oil were discovered? My jacket and blouse need dry cleaning.

However! This morning I set off for the bus in order to get to the first Italian class for the year. Because my telephone line has become unbearably crackly, I decided to ring up what used to be known as Service Difficulties, but is now simply known as Complaints. The person who answered the phone agreed that there was a lot of crackling on the line, so has organised a technician.  This meant that I was a little late in leaving the house, and I stopped to drop off the clothing with the biro stains at the dry cleaners. And then I tripped, trying to catch the traffic lights, and the part of me that hit the ground first was my face.

Kind people immediately gathered around, got me to my feet, and a very kind young woman (another PhD student) found the local optometrist, who was having a coffee before opening her business for the day. She promptly fixed my bent spectacles, and then the young woman insisted on escorting me to the doctor, just down the road. If you are going to have a fall, outside a cafe is a good place, because they have all these paper napkins, so handy for mopping up the blood.

I now have two stitches in my eyebrow, and will probably develop some bruises, and have been advised to have a quiet day and not to gad about. So no Italian, and no choir tonight.

Always look on the bright side of life. I have been listening to the ABC's interview with Margaret Throsby. Her guest today was Professor Gordon Parker, a psychiatrist and eminent expert on depression and mental illness. And Lo! He started talking about grief, which he said was quite different from depression, and said that anti-depressants  were very unlikely to help!


molly said...

Oh dear, Persi! Slow down! Ouch, your dignity must have suffered, as well as losing face----well, only a very small portion of it I'm glad to hear. So happy you chose such a well appointed area to come a cropper.... but 't were better not to come a cropper at all! Hope you heal quickly.....

Frogdancer said...

Oh no! I hope you're ok. What a nasty thing to happen.

Elephant's Child said...

Oh how I feel for you. I planted my face in the road relatively recently and it was painful, undignified and humiliating. And I now have a scar on my lip. On the plus side I must have had my mouth shut because while my lip was lacerated inside and out there was no damage to my teeth.
Be kind to yourself for a little while. Sending healing wishes your way.

persiflage said...

Well, I am ok, just a bit sore. And EC, yes, such falls do nothing for one's dignity. One tends to equate falling face first onto the road with males and DUI, not respectable females....
The doctor said not to wash my hair for a week, so as to keep the afflicted part dry. I don't think this is remotely possible.
What with the telephone crackling, the intermittent internet connection problems (probably linked to the crackling, I feel it is just as well I have my book on Boganomics to amuse me. And some Leonard Cohen. It is no fun having to check which lights on the modem are green. Confusion abounds.
And Molly, at least I have not had to contend with nettles.

Stomper Girl said...

Geez Mum, TWO STITCHES! Will ring you in the morning xx

VioletSky said...

This all made for an interesting blog post at least!!
You seem to manage to include some good news/bad news into it.

It is good to have so many people around to help - strangers and counsellors and doctors and such.

Frances said...

How nice to have your opinion verified by such an authority, Persiflage.
And, what bad luck for the fall.
I am quite out of touch: I read the book title as "Bog -anomics". What could that be? Oh, "Bogan-omics". Looks like a hoot.
I thought of you this a.m. when I saw on The Guardian a photo of the queen in a vivid purple suit and hat.

Pam said...

Oh no, poor you!

That thing about antidepressants sounds right. I'm sad because my daughter's in London. I'm not depressed, in that if she came back I would be instantly happy.
And I imagine it's the same (well, not the same but you know what I mean) with you.

Hope you heal fast.