Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another year older

It was my birthday on Monday, the glorious 4 July, and as I did not want to be all alone, I took off for a few days in Melbourne, where my three sisters took me out to lunch. Somehow, sisters are much better company than are brothers. My time and energy both being finite, I now confine my efforts to reciprocal relationships. They are so much better for the psyche. Perhaps next year my wingspan might increase.

I stayed for two days with a friend from Canberra who has moved to Melbourne to be closer to her daughters. We were colleagues as well as friends, and have travelled together, and never run out of things to talk about. She has to settle in to a new environment, and remarks that she does not know anyone who is her own age, and we (rather ruefully) remark upon the process of relocation and resettlement. It being far too soon for me to know what will become of me, or where I should eke out my (declining?) years, it is interesting to observe how others go about it. At this stage, all I can see is a large variety of difficult adjustments.

And then there is always the weather. I was a good grandmother, and went to watch my grandson's soccer match. It was absolutely freezing weather, and despite wearing three woollen layers, an overcoat, two pairs of socks, hat, gloves and a pashmina, I shivered violently for almost two hours. It was worse than the two Canberra soccer games I attended a few weeks ago. My grandson's team won, and I enjoyed the game, even though it took another hour for me to become warm. We had a pleasant afternoon, with birthday cake and candles, made successfully despite the electric mixer almost dying. Fixit has taken it (the mixer) apart and cleaned it out, and it may struggle on for another while. Yet again I blessed the day (many years ago) that my friend gave me the recipe for this now fabled buttermilk spice cake. We were a very sociable mob, in my workplace, and shared and enjoyed many recipes.

My friend and I went to the exhibition of Viennese Art and Design at the National Gallery of Victoria, which was terrific. As we arrived just after opening time, it was not overcrowded, and we were able to amble around at our own pace, and get a good look at everything. My friend bought me the catalogue as a birthday present, which was very kind of her.

The disadvantage of being away is being deprived of time on the computer. Now it is time to catch up with what the rest of the world has been doing.


Relatively Retiring said...

Many happy returns of Monday. I hope it heralds the start of an enjoyable new phase in your life.

dianne said...

another 4th of July baby, eh? you know that we Americans set off fireworks for you and for Isabelle, right? happy birthday!!!

VioletSky said...

Belated birthday wishes to you, Persiflage!

I was going to make some sarcastic remark about being a wuss re: the weather, but I just checked and it is close to 10C in Melb at the moment, so I'll cut you some slack!! At the moment here it is 35C with a humidex nearer to 40C. I would much rather have it cold than hot.
When I was in Melbourne, I remember my friends complaining/apologizing about the cool nights and I just found it to be a blessed relief. That was before I headed north the Cairns and almost died of the heat. And I was there in autumn (yours).

persiflage said...

Thanks to all of you. My father, who was working for the Americans during the year of my birth, said he told them he was tempted to call me Virginia Carolina Georgia, but thankfully he did not. I am always proud of having such a wonderful date for my birthday, and my elder sister was born on 14 July.
As for the weather, VioletSky, these days I am indeed a wuss, and it took years for me to become accustomed to the heat and humidity of Sydney. I too would rather suffer cold than the heat, but there is always the rather attenuated process of reacclimatising....rather daunting.

Pam said...

Oh Persiflage, I hadn't realised that we're twins! Or at any rate both born on the Fourth of July. Happy birthday plus a few days!

Meggie said...

Belated Happy Birthday.Hugs XX

molly said...

Happy late, red, white and blue birthday Persi!