Friday, 14 January 2011

Floods and reflections

Sometimes the world is not a very happy place. Australia has been subject to severe floods - I'd say devastating except that  now seems to be an overused word.The personal, social, and economic effects are, and will continue to be immense. There have been deaths, personal tragedies, loss of all possessions, houses, means of transport, infrastructure, jobs etcetera which are simply dreadful. People are working together to help, to rescue and to rebuild. There is so much that is admirable and extraordinary, from ordinary people, police, emergency services, the defence forces, the public service, transport workers, the medical profession, passers-by, friends, relatives, strangers. They deserve our praise and our support.

 However I feel as though I have an axe to grind and and some spleen to vent.

It is mostly about journalists, who evidently cannot help themselves from exuding their personal and political prejudices, while ventilating their extensive packages of cliches and platitudes, and deep emotional responses. There have been nasty criticisms of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, for not being a mirror image of the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh. In my opinion both leaders have performed very well, and have given full information to the people, local and national. Both are seeing people, seeing and assessing the damage, working extremely hard (as one would expect) to ensure that whatever is necessary and possible is being done. A little respect is in order. Invidious and untrue comparisons are odious. We should not allow our personal political opinions and/or prejudices to overcome a rational and proper assessment of the situation. Oh yes, it is such fun to be negative about politicians.  However, they are out there, doing their public duty. They too could be included in the collective self-satisfaction and praise about how wonderful we all are, how well we pull together and how we are obviously the best nation in the world.

And I read of the appalling damage caused by floods and mudslides in Brazil where about 450 people have died. Let us remember these unfortunate people too.


Anonymous said...

I agree that both politicians have behaved extremely admirably. I have long lamented the loss of Anna Bligh as my Premier in leaving Queensland!

By some stroke of fortune, all of my Queensland family and friends are safe, dry, and without major damage to their property. I'm fully aware that so many others have not been as lucky. I'm also saddened by the thought of how Brisbane might look next time I visit.

molly said...

Disasters are like death and taxes but these days the media are right there, bringing it to you as it happens, like never before. On the one hand it's great to get news so fast, but on the other, the 24/7 coverage has to be filled. Sometimes it's better to say nothing, but while on the air they've got to be talking and so we get to things like who to point fingers at.... Fortunately ordinary people always rise to the challenge but the talking heads have to talk and when sensible talk runs out they start with the finger pointing. Hopefully those ordinary heroes will continue to pull together when the worst is over and help their fellow Australians get their lives back.