Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The most tranquil part of the day

It is late enough to think about bedtime, but instead I am savouring the night. The air is pleasantly cool. Venus has disappeared from sight. The moon has risen, and is still golden rather than white. It has begun to wane. This month the full moon was not visible, because of cloud. I love to watch the full moon, and am disappointed when it is obscured. As this area is hilly, I have to wait until the moon clears the rooftops, and go out onto the balcony to check whether it is in view. I used to take my baby granddaughter outside to show her the moon, and she surprised us all by spotting the moon in the daytime sky. One of the books I picked up at the local second-hand market is Dava Sobel's The Planets, and I read the chapter on the moon first. The title is Lunacy. I am reminded of Yum Yum's aria The Moon and I from The Mikado:

Observe her flame, 
That placid dame 
The moon's Celestial highness
There's not a trace 
Upon her face 
Of diffidence or shyness
She borrows light 
That, thro' the night, 
Mankind may all acclaim her!
And, truth to tell, 
She lights up well,
So I for one don't blame her.

The music I am listening to is sacred choral music by Gesualdo, and has a tranquil, contemplative melancholy about it. You would not think from this music that he murdered his wife and her lover. I have finished for the day, so am in my upstairs sitting room, reading books and blogs. It is the time of day when I gather myself together.  I need time to myself, to think and to feel, to plan the next day, and to resolve to be a better person. If I don't get solitude, and time to myself, I don't function as well. This is probably an innate characteristic, but could have been affected by my being the second of seven children, and as such being constantly called on to give a lot of help around the house. Even when I was newly married, I did not want to go to bed early, but needed time to sit, read, listen to music and have time for myself.

There is much to do this week, to prepare for Dr P's birthday lunch next Sunday.

On Sunday I went through my wardrobe and selected clothes, and shoes which had been clogging up the wardrobe space. I am sad to have had to discard the shoes, as most of them are lovely, and in quite good condition. My feet now need orthotics and very sensible shoes. Whoever visits the local Vinnies might find some good bargains.

Yesterday I cleaned the entire kitchen, laundry and downstairs toilet, tackling all the bits of floor that the mops cannot reach. I cleaned the filter for the exhaust fan - a very yucky job - did lots of washing, and cleaned and tidied all the shelves in the units in our breakfast area. Some kitchen things joined the collection for Vinnies.  All this took until late afternoon, and was very tiring. Although it needed doing, and it was good to have got it done, it was not much fun. Grim unremitting toil is the description that springs to mind.

This morning I went with a friend to a plant nursery, and we looked at plants and pots, deferred decisions and then had  a virtuous salad for lunch. In the afternoon I took Dr P to get his modified driving licence, and fortunately we did not have a long wait. So that's done. A friend is coming to stay tomorrow night, so I have to think of something interesting for dinner.

And so to bed.

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