Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The big splurge

Finally today we started writing Christmas cards, and now about 90 per cent have been done. Dr P writes exceedingly brief cards, and occasionally asks me to add a message. We almost approached speed card writing. 

The day started with my taking Dr P's car to the local garage, so he could get the pink slip essential for registration. The car is also due for its service, and has a couple of other things needing fixing - like the tail light which broke when he hit something. The garbage bin, I think. I was not even there, but somehow it was my fault - I must have left the bin in the way of the car. Yeah! The petrol tank cover was also broken. Dr P reckons that this garage always finds lots of things to do to the car, and he is not wrong. In fact the car won't be back until tomorrow. That is ok because it is used very seldom now. 

How the day slips away. A task here, a task there, and it is lunchtime before you know it.

But today was special,  because a piece of furniture I ordered months ago was delivered.
The firm is closing, so this was the last opportunity to buy a piece. Some months ago I went  to the showroom, and lusted over the extremely beautiful tables, chairs, coffee tables and chest of drawers, all made of the most superb timbers, and exquisitely crafted. I do have a passion for beautiful timber. This firm's furniture is very expensive, and despite temptation, I decided that I should not indulge. I don't mean expensive in the sense of costing more than it should, but expensive in terms of how much I could spend. 

But then my stepmother died, and this means that there will be a final distribution of my father's estate, twenty years after his death. It will be some time before any money comes through. I decided to buy a sideboard, made of red gum, to be in memory of my parents, and took the plunge. Did I mind, they asked, waiting until November or December  before I got the piece? No, that would be fine.

I had to empty the old sideboard which is a pedestrian piece of work.  Around lunchtime the carriers arrived, moved the old piece, and put the new one into position. 

It is just beautiful. The timber is deep rich red, with a wonderful grain, the proportions perfect, and it looks terrific. The piece is right for the room, and although the table, chairs and buffet are made of blackwood, it all goes together. I love it. I started putting things into it, and deciding which plates, vases, salad bowls, etcetera would go into the new and which to the old. Things I rarely use can go into the old. But then! There is a problem closing one of the doors, so I had to ring the firm to tell them. They have to come and fix it. I just hope all goes well.

When I went out to post the cards, I discovered that YET AGAIN we had been graffitied. Happy Christmas! In broad daylight. It happens all too often. Filthy rotten bastards. I'd like to pour hot tar on their iPods. So I had to scrub it all off. Let's hope there is no more tomorrow morning.

This should have been enough excitement for one day. We had more. Dr P's third daughter arrived to stay for a few days. She is a very kind, generous and interesting person, and her arrival enables me to dash off to Melbourne for the weekend to see my family. There is always a family gathering on the Sunday before Christmas, but generally I miss out on it. This year I will be there, and thus will see sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, and their children, and of course the greatest joy will be to see my eldest child Stomper Girl and her two boys, and to share a little of the joy and excitement of their Christmas.


Mary said...

What a great day - the sideboard sounds gorgeous (I have a feeling I know which company it was) and
I am so thrilled you are going to see your lovely girl and her beautiful boys in Melbourne.


Stomper Girl said...

I trust you are bringing photos of the sideboard to Melbourne seeing as you haven't posted any here?

persiflage said...

Mary, I think you got it right. The maker himself is coming on Friday to check and fix. He says it is because the floor is uneven. And so it is. But the sideboard is too heavy for me to even lift, let alone hold up while someone slips a little chock under it.

Stomper, I tried inserting the photo bit, but total chaos ensued, I had to switch the power off to unfreeze it, and I lost the unsaved Italian homework document. I intend to have another go, but you might have to help me out a bit.

Pam said...

I love wood also. Most of my furniture is elderly, but at least it's nice solid wood. Well done for treating yourself. I look forward to photos. And have a lovely time with Stomper and co!